Friday, July 03, 2009

E-Marine Vacancies

E-marine is one of the market leaders in Telecommunication Submarine Cable Installation, Maintenance and Repair Services. E-marine also offers its services in the field of Marine Project Management and Consultancy, Marine Route Survey, Cable Freight Management & Storage and Chartering. E-marine also provides complete range of solutions to offshore Oil & Gas power and communication cables. E-marine owns three Cable Ships and One Motorized Barge which are equipped with state of the art equipments. Cable Ship Etisalat is a medium-sized cable ship which is designed to operate in shallow waters.  Cable Ship NIWA (DP II) and Cable Ship Umm Al Amber are large cable ships with working class ROV's, which can operate for longer periods at sea. Motorized Barge, WASEL is designed to play a vital role in shallow water operations to provide support for diving, survey, shore end cable landings and ROV deployment activities. All of these vessels are equipped with the latest Survey, Navigation equipment and Cable Management Systems.

Marketing Officer (Shore)

Assistant Proposal Officer (Shore)

Contract Manager (Shore)

Store Controller (Shore)

ROV Supervisor (Offshore)

Diving Superintendent (Offshore)

Oiler (Offshore)

Chief Officer (Offshore)

Tester (Shore)

Third Officer (Offshore)

Second Engineer (Offshore)

Sub Marine Cable Jointer (Shore)

Jointing Supervisor (Offshore)

Maintenance Engineer (Shore)

Senior Technical Maintenance (Shore)

Purchaser (Shore)

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