Friday, July 17, 2009

Asiacell Telecom Openings

Asiacell was a revolutionary concept in the Iraqi market, when it was launched. The company was entering a globally competitive market that was as challenging as it was fickle. Introducing converged GSM networks to a country that bore more than its share of socioeconomic and political upheaval was also in itself a daunting task. Asiacell, however, met the challenge with a panache and professionalism that allowed them to rise above these challenges and become a "flagship" telecom company of Iraq, paving the process the way for other players to enter the market.


Asiacell was granted a two-year GSM license for the six northern provinces of Iraq, catering in the process to a wider client base who collectively shared a need for a quality mobile network. The license was extended in 2005 to cover the entirety of the Iraqi republic. Asiacell bid and won a 15-year national license, becoming the GSM telecom operator with the largest long-term network coverage in the country. The company's team quickly grew to reach almost 2000 employees, the vast majority of whom are Iraqis, and the company founded other executive offices in Baghdad, Basra, and other major cities in Iraq.


Today, the company caters to more than 6 million subscribers around the country, over a network that is touted as one of the most groundbreaking accomplishments in the history of Iraq.  Asiacell is recruiting following professionals


Marketing Experts


Sales Officers


Telecom Operation Experts


Business Development Manager


Power Expert Engineer


Quality Audit Team Leader




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