Saturday, July 18, 2009

Central Electronics Engineering Research Recruitment

Central Electronics Engineering Research Institute (CEERI) is a premier research Institute in the field of Electronics, set up under the aegis of Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR). It is devoted to R&D activities in three areas namely (1) Semiconductor Devices [Sub areas: MEMS, Micro sensors, VLSI Design (Digital, Analog, Mixed Signal), Opto-electronic Technologies, Photonic Devices and Sub-Systems, nano-electronics] (2) Electronic Systems: [Sub areas: Electronic Systems for Agri-Process Control, Industrial Control & Automation, Power Electronics, Robotics, Image Processing & DSP, Embedded System Design] (3) Microwave Tubes: [Sub areas: Klystron, Magnetron, Travelling Wave Tubes, Thyratron, Gyrotron, Terra hertz devices].

CEERI is recruiting following professionals

Scientist (Microwave Tubes)

Scientist (Semiconductor Devices)

Scientist (Electronics System)

For more details please visit Central Electronics Engineering Research Institute Recruitment