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King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals, Recruitment

Applications are invited for faculty positions for the academic year 2009-2010 (September 2009) in the following academic departments at King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia.

Positions: Applicants for Professor, Associate Professor, and Assistant Professor positions should hold Doctorates and have a strong record of published research, experience in supervising research of graduate students, and relevant teaching experience at the university level. Applicants for Instructor and Lecturer positions should possess a Master's degree (as applicable) and have teaching and/or industrial experience in the respective areas. Applicants must be fluent in English as it is the medium of instruction in the University.


Department of :
Earth Sciences (Ref: 530/COS)
In the general areas of Mineralogy, Petrology, and Geochemistry, as well as introductory Geology courses. Preference will be given to candidates whose strengths complement existing departmental research directions (http://www.kfupm. and who demonstrate a commitment to excellence in teaching and research that explores the physical or geochemical processes that contribute to the origin of mineral deposits.
Physics (Ref: 550/COS)
Faculty positions for distinguished Physicists in teaching and research in all areas of Physics. Fresh graduates from well-known U.S. Universities are welcome to apply.
Mathematics & Statistics (Ref: 540/COS)
In the areas of Real and Complex Analysis, Applied Mathematics, Numerical Analysis, Statistics, and Probability Theory.
Chemistry (Ref: 520/COS)
In the fields of Industrial Chemistry (Heterogeneous Catalysis, Polymer, Formulation Chemistry, etc.), and Analytical Chemistry (Separation Science, Environmental and Food Chemistry).


Department of :
Chemical Engineering (Ref: 320/CES)
In the areas of Process Dynamics & Control, Thermodynamics, Catalysis & Catalytic Processes, Reaction Engineering, Polymerization Technology.
Civil Engineering (Ref: 340/CES)
In the field of Geotechnical and Foundation Engineering, with good experience in experimental, numerical and analytical problems involving various aspects of Geotechnical Engineering and soil-structure interaction, including: Foundation Engineering, soil improvement, soil-water interaction, slope stability, rock mechanics, etc.
Electrical Engineering (Ref: 360/CES)
Applicants holding professorial ranks only in the areas of Digital Systems, Computer Networks, Signal Processing, Power Systems and Control Systems are needed.
Aerospace Engineering (Ref: 315-AE)
Areas of specialization : Aerospace Engineering & Design, Aerodynamics & Gasdynamics, Propulsion, Aircraft Maintenance, Aviation Safety, Aviation Science and other related fields.
Mechanical Engineering (Ref: 370/CES)
Areas of Specialization: Thermal Sciences including Fluid Mechanics, Heat Transfer, Thermodynamics, Energy and Environments, Renewable Energy and other topics related to Thermal Sciences in Mechanical Engineering, Areas in Materials and Manufacturing covering applications, processing, and modeling, in particular nanotechnology, composites, corrosion and advanced materials. Dynamics, Control, and Design and Turbo-machinery, Water Desalination, Solar Energy and Photovoltaic, including all topics related to Mechanical Engineering field.
Petroleum Engineering (Ref: 330-PETE)
In the areas of reservoir engineering, reservoir description, well testing, well logging, surface facilities, completion and work over, and drilling engineering.


Department of :
Information & Computer Science(Ref: 381/ICS)
In the following priority areas: Software Engineering, Database Systems, Operating Systems, Security, Artificial Intelligence & Bioinformatics. Individuals with Ph.D. degrees with demonstrated research record, teaching, and/or industrial experience in the above areas of Computer Science will be given priority.
Systems Engineering (Ref: 380/SE)
Applications are invited at all ranks in the two programs: (1) "Industrial & Systems Engineering (ISE)", and (2) "Control and Instrumentation Systems Engineering (CISE)". The "ISE" is particularly interested in candidates in the areas of "Engineering Economics", "Supply Chain Management", "Operations Research", "Quality Control" and "Industrial Information Systems". In the "CISE", priority will be given to candidates with outstanding academic qualifications and/or industrial experience in the areas of "Process Modeling and Control", "Dynamic Simulation", "Instrumentation" , "Mechatronics" and "Robotics". However, outstanding senior as well as fresh candidates from all areas of specialization are welcome.


Department of :
Accounting & MIS (Ref: 625/CIMA)
In the fields of Accounting and related areas in Financial Accounting, Cost & Management Accounting, Accounting Information Systems, EDP Auditing, and Auditing,
In the field of Management Information Systems and related areas in Systems Analysis and Design, Database Management Systems, Management Support Systems (DSS, ES, EIS, AI, ANN, etc.), E-Commerce, Internet Technologies and Web Applications, and Information Resources Management.
Finance & Economics (Ref: 620/CIMF)
In the fields of Finance and related subject areas in Investments, Corporate Finance, Financial Institutions Management, Risk and Insurance, Real Estate Management, Investment Policy, International Finance & Security Analysis and Portfolio Management.
Management & Marketing (Ref: 615/CIMM)
In the fields of Management, Marketing, Business Communications and Operations Management.


Department of :
Architecture (Ref: 460/CEDA)
With specializations/ expertise in the areas of Graphic Communication (Manual Illustration, Freehand Sketching and Analogue Graphic Representations) , Design Practice, Regional/Environmen t Architecture, Heritage Conservation, History of Architecture, and Architectural Criticism.
The applicants should hold Ph.D. in Architecture and have a strong track record of published research, relevant teaching experience at the university level, should have the capabilities to teach graduate & undergraduate courses, and industrial work experience in strongly desired.
Construction Engg. & Management (Ref: 470/CEDC)
In the field of Construction Engineering & Management (specialized in construction engineering/ methods and applications of computer in CEM).
Architectural Engineering (Ref: 455/CEDE)
In the field of Architectural Engineering, Architecture or related field with required areas of expertise in Building Environmental Control Systems (e.g. Energy Systems, HVAC Design, Lighting), Building Materials and Structural Systems.
City & Regional Planning (Ref: 465/CEDP)
With specializations/ expertise in the areas of Computer Aided Planning (GIS & Space Syntax), Sustainable Urban Design and Planning, Real Estate Development and Planning, Urban Geography, Housing Policy & Planning, GIS Remote Sensing, Database Management, Photogrametry, Urban Planning Methods, Transportation, Land use Modeling, Quantitative Methods, Computer Aided Planning, Social Impacts of Land Use, Residential Real Estate, GIS & Growth Management.
The applicants should hold Ph.D. in Architecture or City & Regional Planning and have a strong track record of published research, relevant teaching experience at the university level, should have the capabilities to teach graduate & undergraduate courses, and industrial work experience is strongly desired.


Center/Program/ Department of :
English Language Department (Ref: 660/ELD)
Applications are invited from well-qualified, committed and experienced teachers of English as a foreign language to start in September each year. Applicants should be willing to teach in a structured, intensive program, to which they are encouraged to contribute ideas and materials. Qualifications: M.A. in TESOL or Applied Linguistics, or a one-academic- year, full-time postgraduate diploma in TESOL from a recognized university, or a UCLES DELTA or equivalent. Lesser qualifications (UCLES CELTA) or equivalent) may be accepted from candidates with particularly relevant experience. Minimum of two years' overseas experience teaching EFL/ESL.
Preparatory Year Program (Ref: PYP-ENGG)
Lecturer positions in the areas of AutoCad, Pneumatics/Automati on, Automotive and Electrical Engineering. The ability to contribute at basic level in a combination of subjects would be an important advantage. The Preparatory Year Programme has been the focus of major development and we are seeking experienced lecturers with considerable enthusiasm for teaching, together with a clear commitment to making a significant contribution to the ongoing development of the programme. Candidates must possess a high level of computer literacy.
Physical Education (Ref: 265/PE)
Ph.D. in Physical Education or Masters Degree in related fields.
Applicants should major in Health Physical Education with experience in Wellness, Physical Fitness, sports activities, nutrition and sports, recreation sports, in addition to coaching and teaching Physical Education courses and relevant teaching experience at the University level.
Lecturer positions with recognized coaching experience in badminton, track & field, soccer, gymnastics, basketball, swimming, table/lawn tennis, martial arts, volleyball, fencing, squash Taekwondo, weight training and Health & Wellness.
Preparatory Year Program (Ref: PYP-MATH)
Faculty positions at any rank for native speakers of English to teach Mathematics (College Algebra) in the English language to bilingual Arab students who have poor English language proficiency. Candidates will be assessed on excellence in teaching, previous teaching experience at a similar level and fluency in English. Being an English native speaker is an added advantage. Those with a single honors degree in Mathematics having a diploma in education is an added advantage.
Department of General Studies (Ref: DGS)
Full time faculty positions at the rank of Associate/Assistant Professors in the fields of: Cultural & Regional Studies, Future Studies, International Relations, Psychology and Sociology. Applicants are expected to hold a Ph.D. degree with a strong commitment to research and teaching as well as serving the university. Applicants are also expected to have superior ability to teach in English (as the language of instruction at KFUPM is English). Candidates with Middle Eastern expertise are strongly encouraged to apply.

Salary/Benefits: Two-year renewable contract. Competitive salaries based on qualifications and experience. Free furnished air-conditioned on-campus housing unit with free essential utilities and maintenance. The appointment includes the following benefits according to the University's policy: air ticket/s to Dammam on appointment; annual repatriation air ticket/s for up to four persons; assistance with local tuition fees for school-age dependent children; local transportation allowance; two months' paid summer leave; end-of-service gratuity. The KFUPM campus has a range of facilities including a medical and dental clinic, an extensive library, computing, research and teaching laboratory facilities and a recreation center.
To apply:
Send (preferably by e-mail) cover letter, detailed resume, completed KFUPM application form with copies of credentials (academic degree/s & transcript/s) and three referees to:
Dean, Faculty & Personnel Affairs, KFUPM, Box No. 5005
Dhahran 31261, Saudi Arabia
E-Mail: faculty@kfupm.
Fax #: 966-3-860-2429
Please visit our web site:
http://www.kfupm. for additional information and to download application form.
(Please quote ad Ref. no. FPA-091 & dept number in your initial application. )