Thursday, November 06, 2008

Forum Nokia Calling All Innovators Competition

What we need from you
  • General information (Name, Address, E-mail)
  • Your application, uploaded in .JAD, .JAR, .WGZ, .DEB, .PY, .NFL, .SWF, or .SIS format
  • A brief description of the problem that your application solves.
  • Any supporting documentation on how your application works, uploaded in .doc, .pdf. .xls, .ppt, .rtf, or .txt format. (Optional)
  • A video demo of your application (Optional, 2 Minutes Maximum)

What we are looking for

We are calling for phone applications that solve real problems that face real people. Please submit an application that solves a problem in one of the following areas.

  • Eco-Challenge - "Make a Difference": Here is your chance to join an important world-wide movement! Assist Nokia in creating mobile devices, software and services that reduce our impact on the environment.  Make a difference by submitting the application that will minimize mobility's global environmental impact and help people make sustainable choices.  Developers who submit for this category will be building tools to help people take care of the environment - from charger reminders to mobile learning applications, from navigation info to recycling tips.
  • Emerging Markets - "IMAGINE the Possibilities": Get involved in defining and creating services for the Next Billion mobile users. The mission of the Emerging Markets Challenge is to open up new opportunities for developers to pioneer & monetize services impacting the daily lives of millions in developing nations.  Examples of Emerging Market solutions include applications providing health information and data access, apps offering low-cost infotainment, SMS-driven apps that inform rural agricultural workers of the best time and place to bring products to market, as well as literacy and general education solutions.
  • Technology Showcase - "Developer Showdown":This category offers the opportunity to show off your technical kung fu and introduce the world to your true killer app! Open to all technologies, if it runs on S60 or Series 40 – or if it was designed to run on a Nokia Internet tablet (maemo applications) – then we want to see it! Regardless if it has just been created or you have been selling it for a while, casual or commercial, we want to showcase the best of the best. Be it on Flash Lite, Java, Python, or open source. If it's a game, enterprise solution, Web Runtime widget, or just a cool application that will enhance the mobile user experience, then this is the category to enter
Submit your application today for a chance to Win $35,000 (USD) and an opportunity to showcase your most innovative application at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, Spain next February.

The Forum Nokia Calling All Innovators Competition is open to all mobile application developers.