Saturday, February 28, 2009

Cairn India Openings

Cairn India has a Scottish heritage. The majority of its work was in the expanding gas and oil industry and a new company was formed – Cairn Energy Management. The company was acquired by Caledonian Offshore Limited in 1988 and was renamed Cairn Energy PLC. As the Indian oil and gas market deregulated in the early 1990s. Cairn turned its focus to South Asia, acquiring Command Petroleum Ltd in 1996, an Australian-quoted company with interests in India. Ravva in Eastern India was the first offshore oil and gas field to be developed, followed by the Lakshmi gas field in Western India, which was discovered in 2000 and commenced production in 2002.


Cairn India is looking for following professionals


  • Engineer/Senior Engineer/Lead - Construction (Mechanical)
  • Engineer/Senior Engineer/Lead - Construction (Electrical)
  • Engineer/Senior Engineer/Lead – Construction (Civil)
  • Consultant Pipeline Engineer – BA
  • Consultant Piping Engineer
  • Consultant Static Equipment Design Engineer
  • Consultant Process Engineer - BSA
  • Consultant Rotating Equipment Engineer
  • Consultant – Pipeline Engineering
  • Consultant – Sr. Pipeline Construction    
  • Consultant - Construction Engineer (Instrumentation)


Interested candidates can apply online at Cairn India Careers