Sunday, June 15, 2008

Doosan Recruitment

As the turn of the century approached, Doosan was ready to implement our "2G strategy, " focusing on future growth, honing our technological edge and improving our managerial system. The "2G strategy" represents our belief in the growth of business through the growth of people, and links the development of our people with the execution of our strategy. It is supported with the performance-oriented culture of Doosan and with a robust business management system.

Doosan Desalination Research and Development Center in Dubai will focus on developing desalination technologies in multi stage flash distillation (MSF), multi effect distillation (MED), and hybrid system (MSF/MED+RO). Also future technologies will be part of its technology and process development portfolio.
1. Site Mechanical Engineer
2. Site Electrical Engineer
3. Site construction Engineer
4. Site construction Engineer
5. Site construction Engineer
6. Site Civil Engineer
7. Schedule Planning Supervisor
8. R&D Engineer for Multi Stage Flash (MSF)
9. R&D Engineer for Multi Stage Flash
10. R&D Engineer for Multi Effect Distillation (MED)
11. R&D Engineer for Multi Effect Distillation
12. R&D Engineer for Hybrid
13. R&D Engineer for Desalination Future Technologies (DFT)
14. R&D Engineer for Desalination Future Technologies
15. Quality Control Quantity Survey 
16. Quality Assurance Quantity Survey 
17. QA/QC Supervisor Quantity Survey 
18. QA/QC Quantity Survey 
19. Power Plant Process Engineer
20. Mechanical Engineer for Power Plant
21. Mechanical Engineer
22. Material Supervisor
23. Material Planning Supervisor
24. Installation Engineer
25. I&C Engineer(Instrumentation and Control)
26. Firefighter  
27. Fire fighting Engineer
28. Electrical Engineer for Power Plant
29. Electrical Engineer
30. Design Engineer
31. Construction/Installation Engineer for Power Plant
32. Construction/Installation Engineer
33. Construction Engineer
34. Civil Engineer for Power Plant
35. Civil Engineer
36. Architectural Engineer
37. Architect