Monday, October 06, 2008

Thuraya Openings

Thuraya believe that a skilled, motivated and diversified workforce is key to success in today's global market. They base their company's strength on the quality of its people, and believe in buil ding a skilled work team that represents the telecom industry as well as other vital commercial sectors. Although they strive to recruit professionals from Thuraya's coverage area, they encourage all qualified applicants to apply.

Manager Human Resources
P O Box 33344 Abu Dhabi, UAE
Fax: +971 2 6417886 
Or email it to:

Note: While you submit your application, please address the position applied for in your email's subject.


Job ID Business Unit Position Location
173 Accounts Payroll Accountant  
182 Billing System Senior Billing Analyst Sharjah, UAE  
69 Billing System Assistant Billing Administrator Sharjah, UAE  
165 Financial Planning Budgeting Supervisor Assistant  
82 Financial Planning Manager Financial Planning  
62 Financial System ERP Analyst  
167 GMPCS Affairs Spectrum Management Manager  
162 GMPCS Affairs Engineer Frequency Coordination  
168 Human Resources Procedure & Program Specialist  
169 Human Resources Development & Performance Officer  
170 Human Resources Employment & Organizational Planning Assistant  
171 Human Resources Development & Performance Coordinator  
78 Human Resources Human Resource Services Manager  
157 Human Resources Employment & Organizational Planning Officer  
193 Human Resources Secretary  
172 Human Resources Employee Relations Assistant  
161 Information Security Information Security Technician  
163 Innovation & Quality Management Internal Quality Officer  
166 Internal Audit Internal Audit Manager  
119 Internal Audit IT Internal Auditor  
120 Internal Audit Internal Auditor  
75 IT Unit Senior Database Administrator Sharjah, UAE  
160 Legal Legal Assistant  
42 Marketing & Sales Marketing & Sales Manager  
44 Marketing & Sales Country Manager  
194 Marketing & Sales Secretary  
181 Marketing Research Data Analysts  
138 Marketing Services Exhibitions & Marketing Services Officer  
178 Marketing Services Web & Collateral Writer  
177 Marketing Services Marketing Services Manager  
183 O&M Development & Space Chief Satellite Operator Sharjah, UAE  
184 O&M Ground Senior Network Switching Operator Sharjah, UAE  
185 O&M Ground Gateway Operators Sharjah, UAE  
191 Planning Unit Planning Officer Sharjah, UAE  
180 Product Management Pricing Specialist  
49 Product Management Product Specialist Data Services  
179 Product Management Product Manager - 3rd Party Developer & Accessories  
98 Product Planning Engineer Product Planning Sharjah, UAE  
190 Product Planning Manager Product Planning Sharjah, UAE  
192 Programme Management Office Project Manager  
81 Risk & Revenue Assurance Assistant Analyst Sharjah, UAE  
176 Sales & Customer Support Customer Care Representatives Sharjah, UAE  
174 Sales & Customer Support SP Support Coordinator  
175 Sales & Customer Support Sales Coordinator  
133 Software Development Services System & DBA Assistant Sharjah, UAE  
189 Software Development Services Engineer Software Sharjah, UAE  
134 Software Development Services Project Engineer Sharjah, UAE  
108 Supply & Contracts Secretary  
187 System Engineering Chief Technician Space P&M Sharjah, UAE  
188 System Engineering Chief Engineer Switch Network Sharjah, UAE  
186 System Engineering Senior Technician Product P&M Sharjah, UAE  
195 Technology Division Office Assistant Sharjah, UAE  

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